Who we are

We are not a call centre.

The people you speak to will be the ones helping you.

We have been doing this for many years.

Our mission

To help you decide what is best for you to get out of debt.

Our commitment to you

We listen.  We answer your questions.  Then you decide.

We deal with every situation

We have helped people through their debt problems, including arising out of:

  • Business failure (sole trader, partnership, company, etc.)
  • Unemployment
  • Marriage or relationship breakdowns
  • Health issues
  • Gambling
  • Borrowing too much
  • Litigation
  • Drought



+ Cannot pay my bills.
+ I was struggling just to get the necessities.
+ Aussie Debt Relief were helpful.
+ They told me that my struggles could stop.

Single Mum

+ My kids were missing out.
+ Just couldn’t make ends meet.
+ Tried to pay my credit cards but the interest was just adding up.
+ Aussie Debt Relief just put my mind at ease – and I’m now starting life again.

Small Business Owner

+ Was really worried about what to do.
+ Aussie Debt Relief put it in perspective.
+ Answered all my questions.
+ Allowed me to get back on my feet.


+ I just was under so much pressure.
+ Made the call and was relieved that something could be done.
+ The outcome was a so quick and I am able to put it all behind me.
+ Fresh start and I have got my life back.

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