Hardship, What is It?

Hardship an option the may Save you and your family.

Like most of us, we all have some form of debt and when things change like loss of income, redundancy, family and relationship issues or maybe sickness, this debt can ruin your life if it’s not dealt with.

Hardship is a real option for some people that struggle with debt, read on and we show how its done.

Would you like this as option that can save you, possibly your house, car or even your family.

Simply put it is a Moratorium or Financial Hardship, meaning this is a Legal arrangement and or agreement with your existing creditor to freeze interest with no fees,no charges with sometimes no payment and other times a very small payment for anywhere between 3 to 6 months, it is conditional and must be approved by your creditor/s.

It is Legal protection, so your creditors can not act against you, your wages or your property. (this freeze only applies in the term of the financial hardship)

Many people have solved their debt problems and avoided bankruptcy by doing Hardship or a Debt Agreement.

A moratorium or Financial Hardship are regulated by the banks. They exist so that people who are in financial trouble can solve their problems without going bankrupt.

Once we have the Hardship in place, and if everything is back on track you can continue,or we then look at saving some money and doing a Debt Settlement on your accounts and finalising your debts.

If you think things are out of control, we can help with Bankruptcy advice as well.

We here to help you, please call anytime.

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