Bankruptcy (filing) in Australian is FREE.

Living in Australian comes with a lot of benefits, but it also often comes with a high cost of living, which makes slipping into debt really easy. After all, if most of your income is likely spent on just housing and transportation expenses, food and rent not much is left for any other expenses. Filing bankruptcy in Australian can help you wipe your UNSECURED debt and slate clean and get a fresh start., it’s important to remember that bankruptcy option are available for everyone who is struggling with debt. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if it is not enough to meet your basic monthly needs, this maybe be you only option
How to File Bankruptcy in Australian for Free
Aussie Debt Relief can help you do this with our SECURE ONLINE PORTAL.
If you are looking for guidance on how to file bankruptcy in Australian, we can assist you to do that for small fee , without assistance its completely free you should know that you are able to do so completely for free, we tell you that because it’s the right thing to do.
Also Aussie Debt Relief are here help Aussies to file bankruptcy without an attorney, solicitor , accountant or even the “experts in filling out forms” who charge a fee, when in fact it’s free to lodge the paperwork.
Bankruptcy is done through AFSA an Australian federal agency and there is no fee to lodge or filing fee.


Ok, well if you get assistance you will pay a fee as some people are overwhelmed by the whole process and the complex paperwork,  in our case we will let you do it for free and use our secure portal and also we can do the whole thing for you, give us a call and we can discuss your case and matters

Australian bankruptcy documents

There is a little bit of legwork involved that you want to complete -and this is the actual legal documents for bankruptcy in Australian. There is a legal requirement around bankruptcy that you need to be aware of and your obligations whilst under the bankruptcy.
Even though a majority of the information you are required to give to AFSA for your bankruptcy with bankruptcy petition, and the statement of affairs there are some additional documents you will need to have handy and send as supporting documents. To correctly calculate your income, you will need to provide AFSA with a current payslip and this relates to proof of income. You will also need to provide a listing of all your creditors when filing bankruptcy, otherwise how will they be notified  right!!. So here’s the trick but you should also review any collection notices you are getting in the mail and also give the collection agency your email address and have them send you the details of your debt that way you can list them on the forms, that way you can make sure you capture even those creditors that are not showing up on your credit report.

Complete the bankruptcy forms

When filing bankruptcy  the forms are the same for everyone that files and it covers the whole range of bankruptcies  such as the Individual Bankruptcy,  Sole Trader, Company and Trustee where ABN is involved.

Since you are the one signing the bankruptcy forms and they constitute a true and honest representation of your financial and personal  affairs and that you are signing a legal document that carries with it the full weight of the law so make sure everything stated is factual and can be proven before they are lodged in full with AFSA , it’s important for you to carefully review everything.

If you are using an a 3rd party, they will ask you all the questions that they need answered in order to complete the bankruptcy forms based on Australian bankruptcy laws. If you are working with Aussie Debt Relief , we will take you through the process to make sure everything is in order and you know what to expect after filing bankruptcy, you are also given the option of completing your forms using our Aussie Debt Relief an online tool made available to you  for FREE and we will send you the completed forms.
DON’T PAY to Get your bankruptcy filing done.

Dealing with your car

YES…you can still own a car just keep up with the payments and everything will be ok, there are conditions if you have equity and have paid a major part of the loan off, or if its causing you financial difficulties you can surrender the car and the shortfall ( what you owe of the vehicle has been auctioned) can be dealt in bankruptcy, Surrendering your vehicle, allows you to walk away from the car loan without worrying about how much the car itself will fetch at auction. Your personal liability on the car loan will be discharged. Alternatively, if you have the ability to pay the value of your vehicle in a lump sum, you can basically purchase the car for its current value from the bank and the discharge absolves your responsibility on any remaining balance. Finally, if the car, the car loan, and the monthly payments (and other loan terms) work for you, you can also keep everything the same with the bank to let them know that you will continue to make payments on the loan., you are agreeing to remain responsible for the balance of the car. If you own your car free and clear there is a threshold of what you can own without pay a contribution to the Trustee (or it is worth more than what you owe), keep making the payments but a value must be assessed to see what equity you may have.

Australian Bankruptcy Income threshold.

If you earn over the threshold set by the AFSA you will be required to pay a contribution, don’t be caught with this rule YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY IT.

The Trustee

(Don’t Mess With This Person)

The trustee’s job is to manage your financial affairs  whilst you are in the bankruptcy period, make sure all of the information provided to the Tristee/Government is accurate.

The trustee is entitled to a copy of your most recent income tax return, will ask for your bank details, super account and balance, car ownership, property ownership,deceased estate entitlements , payslip and similar documents as well. Since filing bankruptcy in Australian imposes a duty to cooperate with your trustee, it is important that you pay close attention to any such requests you may receive from your trustee. Even though trustees are not judges, they have a lot of POWER as they CLEAR all your unsecured debt and are charged with ensuring that everyone is treated fairly in accordance with Australian bankruptcy laws.

FULL online Bankruptcy FREE.


**Note all YES and or No questions need a result, so click on it if it’s NO and convesley YES whatever applies to you, once you have filled in everything fill submit part at the very bottom, if you have missed a Yes or No question scroll up to find it and enable the button.

**Have all you paperwork handy so you can refer to it.

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