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The information you are required to provide on this form is collected under, and for the purposes of, the Bankruptcy Act 1966 or related legislation. The Australian Financial Security Authority has a privacy policy at www.afsa.gov.au/privacy that provides information regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information, including how you may: (i) access your personal information; (ii) seek to have that information corrected; and (iii) complain if you feel your privacy has been breached, along with information on how your complaint will be dealt with.

I am personally present in Australia or ordinarily resident in AustraliaI have a dwelling-house or place of business in AustraliaI or my firm/partnership is carrying on a business in Australia

against a business partnership of which I am a partneras an individual debtorjointly with another person and we are not in a business partnership

Proof of Identity.

Declaration of Person who Assisted with the Completion of Forms.

I declare that, before this form was completed, I carefully read to/interpreted for the person named in the Contact Details section the prescribed information and the questions on this form or [where the person is physically incapacitated] satisfied myself that the person had read and understood the information and questions. The responses provided in this form are those of the person named above.

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